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Dhilanmesindo is a company established in the city of Batu Malang with the main objective namely increasing the economic value of local agricultural products, especially apples into products innovative and quality. Since 1975 we have been growing apples in the garden family located on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, Batu city - Malang. Local wisdom and great value is reflected in every product we create.
Through belief and potential sources Daya alam as well as our vision and mission are summarized in the local company motto Brand become Global Brand. With that spirit, we believe in getting involved encourage local potential and provide impact in the world of agriculture in Indonesia, especially the welfare of local farmers.

Vision & Value

Development and young regeneration of local agriculture.
An innovative workforce, skillful and integrity
Products that are innovative, have value and are useful

Heritage & History

City of Batu

Batu City is the City of Apples with more than 500,000 tons of apples produced each the year. Geographically, Batu city is located at an altitude between 700-2000 meters above sea ‚Äč‚Äčlevel (masl), with an average temperature of 11-19 degrees Celsius. Stone Town located in the highlands of two mountains, namely Arjuna - Welirang and Panderman. With Such climate makes the air quite cool and also has good soil fertility extraordinary. More than 2 million apple trees grew up in this city where most of the population are farmers. Besides agriculture since the 10th century Batu City has been known as a tourist spot or rest because of its beautiful nature. century to 19 cities Batu is flourishing with many villas and settlements aimed specifically at people - Dutch people. From there, according to history, the apple tree was cultivated the first time by the Dutch people and growing to date. Precisely in 1929 the Dutch had seriously developed cultivation Apple. At that time the natives were employed in the Dutch apple orchards until the Batu - Malang apples were able to master apple market in Europe. Not only that the apple has become a symbol of prosperity for some upper class people in Europe. Since the departure of the Dutch from Indonesia, plantations apples are processed by local people. Therefore We hope that the Dhilanmesindo company is able to become a company icon local from Batu City.


Mrs. Herawati and Bp. Nowoadi has grown apples on the family garden in 1975 which is located below the slopes of Mount Arjuna, Batu City. Mrs. Herawati started farm on a small plot of land leased from fellow farmers in the village of Tulungrejo which is next door north of Batu city. With the passion and hard work of the tree the apple cloaked begins to produce and continues to grow to date. Over the years the deep apple tree development is quite fertile and become the main commodity local farming. With a good planting system, apples can harvested 2 times a year and does not depend on the season. This is what distinguishes the cropping pattern in Indonesia. Leaf apple trees are shed manually after harvest pacsa, and entirely done by human or conventional labor. Prices are quite volatile, making us apple farmers think to make apples a quality product, iconic and has a high selling value. Research results shows that apples have properties that are good enough for health, especially to increase body immunity. Based on this, Dhilanmesindo is here to raise local potential as well as to have an impact farmer's life. We also build relationships with groups apple farmers in Tulungrejo Village to jointly promote local apple farm. The name Dhilanmesindo is taken from family name and has the meaning to inspire Indonesia. Through a long process, Batu Bule and Apples Dip as our first product. We will continue develop our products and make fruit processing the biggest apple in Indonesia together to build the nation.

Types of Apples

We have 4 varieties of apples that we grow as well as being the prima donna of local regional wealth. Quality raw materials are the main thing in creating quality product works. So that integrity among farmers as part of the company is priority. Apples are able to grow optimally at a certain height according to the variety or type. And in its development, apples have different types continues to vary and with the history and story of the fruit apples, apples have become a necessity as well as a symbol from our life story

  • Anna is also commonly called a red apple, because of its deep red color it's ripe. In general, Anna apples have a strong and sour aroma. However when ripe it has a strong sweet or masir taste and the flesh is softer. This type of apple is often found in the highlands Stone Town.

    This apple is also often called the Australian apple, as the name implies this type of apple found by a family named smith and originally from Australia. This kind of apple has a slightly oval shape in green and has a tough fruit texture. In terms of taste, it tends to taste sour and sour. We can easily find this type of apple in Batu City and it is suitable as processed foods such as pies and jams

    More commonly referred to as poor apple or rock apple. This type of apple in language scientifically also known as forest apples, because at the beginning of the discovery they are often found growing wild in the forest. The manalagi apple tree is able to grow up to 80 - 100 years with the character of yellowish green fruit, round and has a dominant sweet taste. This Malang apple is a variety which we often encounter in Batu City

    The name of this type of apple comes from Rome. Romebeauty apples have both taste and aroma the strong one. The shape is slightly compressed and is greenish red. Apple type can grow at an altitude of 700-2000 masl and can grow optimally in dry climates. With optimal conditions this fruit can be harvested up to 30 kilograms per tree.

Our Generation

Bp & Ny. Nowoadi. T

Bp & Mrs Nowoadi Timotius, start farming and cultivating crops Apples in 1975, apples are excellent potential in Batu City so that it becomes a city The stone was nicknamed "the City of the Apple".

Ir. Dwi Nawangwulan

Ir. Dwi Nawangwulan is the second daughter of Mr. Nowoadi Timothy. started the company in 2009 with creates innovative products made from apples.

Alfredo Dhilan, ST

Alfredo Dhilan, ST Alfredo Dhilan is the grandson of Bapak. Nowoadi Timothy. Join an embed company company philosophy and vision.

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Email: dhilanmesindo@yahoo.com
Web: www.dhilanmesindo.com

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